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MPM 330-0


Our digital power meter model MPM-330 quickly and reliably measures and monitors electrical quantities in a single or three-phase electrical distribution system. The product features a compact design, highlighting three high resolution front FND and LEDs with a load factor of 30~100%, and utilizes a high performing MPU dedicated to precise measurement. The device can be used as a replacement for a number of different analogue instruments because the model has the same cutting size as conventional analogue meters.


  • The MPM-330 Power Meter’s three high resolution FND and LED displays show a wide range of parameters offering visible readings of measurements.
  • It can be programmed to the CT and PT ratio by simply pushing the embedded button even after installation.
  • It offers a full suite of measurements by switching to the desired screen.
  • CE Certification (Directive 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility and Directive 2006/95/EC on electrical safety) is the assurance symbol for the product’s reliability.



The MPM-330 is a complete power metering system offering 32 elements of power measurement through communication, which are displayed to the three high resolution FNDs to enable 19 category readings.

Items Unit Measuring range Precision Remarks
Voltage(3 Phases) V/KV 0V ~ 9999KV 0.3% F.S
Current(3 Phases) A/KA 0 ~ 9999 KA 0.3% F.S
Frequency Hz 45.0 ~ 65.0 0.3% F.S
Power Factor % -1.00 ~ 1.00 0.5% F.S
Power Factor for each phase % -1.00 ~ 1.00 0.5% F.S Communication DATA
Active Power kW 0 ~ 9999MW 0.5% F.S
Active Power for each phase kW 0 ~ 9999MW 0.5% F.S Communication DATA
Reactive Power Kvar 0 ~ 9999MVar 0.5% F.S
Reactive Power for each phase Kvar 0 ~ 9999MVar 0.5% F.S Communication DATA
Apparent Power kVA/MVA 0 ~ 9999MVA 0.5% F.S
Apparent Power for each phase kVA/MVA 0 ~ 9999MVA 0.5% F.S Communication DATA
Active Energy kWh/MWh 0 ~ 999999kwh 1% F.S
Reactive Energy kVarh/Mvarh 0 ~ 999999kwh 1% F.S Communication DATA


The device uses a embedded RS-485 com. Port for SCADA (remote monitoring)

  • Protocol : Modbus RTU
  • Type : RS-485, Half Duplex, 2-Wire
  • Speed : 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
  • Maximum number of connections : up to 32 connections.
  • Cable length : Maximum 1.2 Km.

General Specification

Power supply 85 ~ 250VAC, 110VDC (Optional)
Power consumption 5VA
Frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz
Input voltage Up to 470VAC without PT
270VAC (L-n), 470VAC (L-L), Input burden : 0.02VA
Input current · Rate current : 5A
· Maximum permissible current: 10A
· Input burden : 0.15VA
Insulation type Galvanic isolation and EMI filter
Ambient temperature -20oC ~ 60oC (-4oF ~ 140oF)
Operating humidity 5 ~ 90%(Non-condensing)
Exterior dimensions 117mm (W) X 117mm (H) X 108mm (D)
Cutting size Square 92mm (W) X 92mm (H)
Diameter 99mm (99Ø)
Weight 446g